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Sometimes he even calls you from a friend’s phone and tells you not to call him back at that number.If this is happening to you, chances are you’re dating a player.When we have a crush on someone, it can be hard to see them for who they really are, especially if that person is a player. They’re a little manipulative and they know how to get a girl to fall hard. If he's all about hooking up, that could definitely mean that he's just using you for sex or a steamy makeout sesh. The next time he asks if you want to hang out, say, "how about we go see a movie/grab something to eat?" If his response is something like, "I'd rather just hang with you at my place :)" or there's no response at all, that shows that he just wants to hook up.I believe it’s safe to say, that a many of us have encountered one or more players in our past.If you haven’t had the “pleasure” of meeting one yet or think you’re talking to one.

Typical players like getting around, talking to more than one female at a time.There are 24 hours in a day, if he really liked you he could have chosen a better time just to say hi.After 11pm are the usual “booty call” hours, which means he just wants to sleep with you.Whenever you meet a new guy who is super smooth, good-looking and flirty, you probably have to wonder to yourself: is he a player?Is this dude going to be seriously interested in having a relationship with you, or is he just looking for someone to fool around with?When you ask him to introduce you to his friends or family, he either often makes up a strange excuse why it’s not immediately possible or keeps on postponing.Every time when you call him up, he always finds some excuse not to answer it.Is he someone you can trust or should you have your guard up?Is he going to be exclusive with you or does he want to be able to be free and do whatever he wants? So before you start to fall too hard for this dude, figure out whether or not he’s a player. Check out these 10 signs that he’s a player: This is probably the biggest sign there is that a dude is a player.If a dude really likes you, he'll want to get to know you and he'll want to impress you - meaning he'll want to take you out and show off.Source: Shutter Stock Sure, there are some guys out there who work a lot or have a lot of school stuff going on and they genuinely don't have much free time.Does everyone you know tells you he is but you don’t want to see it?The following will show you some of the most common signs to know you’re dating a player. A guy often gets your number but when he calls, you notice that his number is Restricted or unknown and always has an excuse of why you can’t have his number.This is because he’s with another girl at that time and of course he doesn’t have time for you.Later when he gets a chance he’ll send you a text and tell you he’s busy (giving you a lame excuse) and call you when ever he gets a chance.

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But these are the Kardashians after all, the apocalypse could happen and they'd still ensure they were dressed to impress, heels and all.

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Lots of us are guilty of staying within strict social circles - some even dating as far back as our high-school friends!

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Forget speed dating, classified personals, or other dating sites or chat rooms, DH is the best!