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There is no question that fermentation takes place accidentally (as it must have done countless times before humans learned something about controlling the process), and most investigators believe that barley was first cultivated in the Fertile Crescent region of lower Mesopotamia between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.Grain is heavy to transport relative to the beer made from it, so it is not surprising that there may be evidence of ale in these outposts and not unreasonable to suspect that accidental fermentation did occur at some point in the ancient Mesopotamian region, leading to beer making." ---Cambridge World History of Food, Kenneth F.Uncertainty, it suggests, is not merely a social obstacle, but also a social tool.

While rejecting the first two criticisms, the authors implicitly embraced the latter, arguing that their recommendations were not making any necessary claim about the nature of men and women; they were merely highlighting what sorts of strategies worked.

The Shivalingam represents the Antahkarana column of energy which springs out of the Earth.

As milk is poured over the column in Hindu Ritual so it pours out from the center of the earth and outwards into the spout.

The Shiva Lingam (Male Genitals) arises out of the center of the sphere of the earth and represents the Antahkarana column of shakti Kundalini energy which arises out of the center of the earth which indeed is an external chakra called Kundalini Chakra.

symbolises that the milk purifying downward flow of energy from the Chakras above the Head is channeled down the Lingam into the Female Center of the Earth where it changes direction as the impurities gathered by the milk are burned up in the nuclear fission fires at the earths center - this is the rectification of the energy of RECTIFICANDO - the "R" of Alchemical VITRIOL and the Antahkarana Yoni spout shoots spiritual energy out of the center of the earth like the water of the fountain comes out of the Alhambra Sufi Fountain into the pool.

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What I uncovered were some harsh realities about online dating that no one ever talks about.

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They had to learn the language of the King James, and if they could do it, why can't others? From countless pulpits every week we hear an implicit message that has wormed its way into our minds: we lack the key to unlocking the secrets of Scripture because we don't know the original languages they were written in. Our spiritual growth mirrors the development of a child. The Bible's story of Joseph resonates with everyday life.

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They squat down while wetting themselves to make their naughty activities obvious!