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I would like to thank the following NG members: zigs_dk for his AS help, Vaught for regarding me as his favorite artist and all his support, sathkyboypruductions for being a cute fanboy, dark_vampyress for being the coolest NG chick, and llxll_Dylan_llxll for loving my flash since the beginning!And to all my NG fans-- there are only a few of you, but I love ya!Once you can give gifts, give them all the gifts, then (depending on money remaining) work for more money to buy the cheapest item about 4 times, then go on 4 dates giving them once each time. Make sure you reach the end of dialogue to where you no longer can choose what to say, and have about 1000 experience. Possible problem: For safety measures, if you have enough cash buy all the gifts over again and give them one at a time per date to ensure the game understands you've given the gifts. Does all characters have their own best end and neutral end? If there's a third game, I'll certain play that too! And I noticed a more-or-less important thing about the first game and this one. i changed the pic cuz i forgot to ask srry If you have anyquestions, please comment. , that is if you have him unlocked To unlock him you have to find a red marker outside the flower shop, go to the South outskirts and draw, 5 days or something and then stay with Veon when he come. On about the fourth-fifth time you talk to Clyde, he asks you where you're from. That's also the place that everyone is from in Number Days. It must be very small or far away." Now where did he hear about this town? Or maybe NUMBER DAYS WAS SET IN A DIFFERENT DIMENSION! You notice the cheat code for Max with Veon is "ilikedveonbeforehewascool" which comes back to one of her earlier games, Festival Days. In Idol days, The place is located in The southern part of Cigam. heres my journal entery for unlocking the unlockable characters: [link]South street, South outskirts, Go further and then ??? Actually, Cigam is Magic backwards, I remember Clyde saying something that he was a magician. In number days, Pactheland is located in the Eastern part of Cigam.

ok if your going to put the cheats in and use a different name, put the codes in first then the name. sorry its crappy.heres the cheats:bartermaster - unlocks Skycanihaspicturebook Max with Skywafflesdontyoumeancarrots Max with Eliaseffthepolice unlock Veonilikedveonbeforehewascool Max with Veonstealingistoomainstream Max with Terranceletthecatoutofthebag Max with Fidelgogoflowerpower Max with Aidengardeningisforsquares unlock Raineihaveathingfortwintails Max with Raineworkingovertime unlocks Clydewhereishistophat Max with Clyde Now for the others:iwasntplanningtosleepanyway Infinte HPhatersgonnahate Infinte Hp, 00, all stuff toolsiswearipaidforallofit All Itemscanipayinchange - 00 (thnx everyone)simdatinglikeaboss- Infinte Hp, 00, all stuff tools, Max W/ everyone All of the cheats combined into one: simdatinglikeaboss ALL CREDIT GOES TO: ! And in Memory days, the place is located in West Cigam. Veon was featured in Amy's unfinished story called "Emerald Moon" hope this helps with Lunar sim date~there a big puzzle to unlocking Sky . At the end where you can choose a partner, I chose all of them to see what would happen. I have 0 programming or art skill so this is really good! I picked the brunette, and it said that Lisa was hotter, so I couldn't date her. he train station~ santalovesyou (all items) ihugemokids (Sakka's best ending immediately after the 30 days) imisshisbaseballcap (Daichi's best ending immediately after 30 days) imhighoffofsushi (Kai's best ending immediately after 30 days) foureyeslikesme (Haru's best ending immediately after 30 days) theboysaremypawns (Every guys best ending at the end of 30 days) isueyou ( 00) dontletmattdrive ( 1000HP) imhotterthanyou ( 3 all stats playtimeisover (immediately ends 30 days) amyisgod (Full stats, items, 1000HP, 00 Especial Endings (only with best ending): Haru: shyguysarecute Daichi: n64isepicwin Kai: sushiaddict Sakka: purpleeyes Cheats: theboysaremypawns (get max exp.Fantom—Go to the forest four or five times and pick the second option (“Your sadness intrigues me”) to be able to talk to him again. click it and go back everyday.~clyde, keep working until you pass out (click the work button 3 times) then you'll be a t Alix's house. go south as far as you can and there should be a little bird drawring on the floor.I never got friendzoned x D I got Gage, Cero, Angel, and Riley. It was so sad ;-; but how did he get into the real world with me if he's dead? I've played it a couple of times just today and I haven't grown tired of it yet. Meanwhile, I'll have fun making up the rest of the story of Soffies and Gage's best end. 1) why can't you make Gage and Cero date each other?! Customize everything from their appearances, to their personalities and even the home of their dreams.Then, send your Sims out to explore new locations around town and to meet other Sims in the neighborhood. he'll give you a flash light witch lets you unlock sky at the old factory nnoth of the cop station.~for veon you need a red marker witch is found outside the flowershop in a green pot.For best endings: Try to go on at least 5 dates, to the kiss scene. The easiest way to ensure this is to spend the first 7 or so days saving up about 5000$ between games and mushrooms (I prefer games, if your good at matching it's an average of 100$ a game) Buy one of each gift for your partner (which should leave you with half remaining), and befriend them over the next 5 days. When he disappears, you need to talk to Jenna enough times to make her your friend before asking her for a spell to free Fantom.Keep on talking to him until he begins talking about spending time in parks and give him a gag gift.

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I guess the best way to put it is that I am a really genuine person with a huge heart.

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Stability and appearance are often among the top dating preferences.

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He decided to start his 532-year cycle from 753 years after the Founding of Rome.

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“The researchers realize that their results can be depressing, but they also agree with the many readers who caution against reading too much into the preferences of online daters and speed daters. I married a black man, who I am now (17 years later) divorcing, but the point is that I think the world is FULL of potential, why limit yourself?

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You can start meeting new friends within the hour and discover the real potential of your love life.

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Usually the window will tell you everything you need to know about the position being advertised, including the company's requirements for expertise and education.

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appearance Ray J, Whitney and Stacy were all said to have been at a nightclub on February 9, 2012 when the drama occurred.

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There's no point in going to crowded clubs and sleazy bars when you can just go online and meet thousands of singles all at once!

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Recounts a male implantologist, "I became romantically involved with several patients when I was single, young and foolish." Adds a female general dentist with a similar frame of mind, "When I first started as a dentist and was working in a clinic, I had a relationship with a patient. Some dental practices attempt to avoid these situations: Cautions a female California dentist, "That seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen!

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"We have our days where we're best friends and our days where we fight with each other," Kane said. It's all healthy." Kane and Panarin immediately connected this season -- on and off the ice. Kane loves Panarin's sense of humor and often refers to him as a "funny kid." The two have gone out for meals a few times while on the road, and while communication is still difficult while Panarin struggles to learn and speak English, Kane said Panarin will pull out his "Google translate" to help move the conversation along. "I still don't know how to put words together, but we understand each other." Ever since the Blackhawks waived Panarin's good friend Viktor Tikhonov in December, the winger hasn't been the same around the media.

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However, there are several problems that Cherry Mobile Flare users discovered after buying this phone.

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free chat website that lets you connect with people quickly and easily.

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Your professors are the world’s top direct dating coaches including Sasha, Alan Roger Currie, James Marshall, Johnny Soporno, Badboy, Bravo, Gareth Jones, Steve Pavlina and more.

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For this simple exercise, we will be using a very basic xml file structure as follows: This file has a root element named ‘students’ which contains a set of elements with ‘student’ tag, refers to each student in the data set.

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In the United States alone there are more than 110 million people living with an STD. There are many singles on this dating service who have herpes, hepatitis, HPV, HIV / AIDS, chlamydia or other STDs and who are looking for someone in a similar circumstance to share their life with, either as a friend or partner. Positive Singles has a detailed dating profile which is geared toward someone with an STD.