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In the speed-dating experiment, experimenters filmed 144 speed dates, and reviewed them looking specifically at whether people sat still or waved their hands and arms a lot.

They asked each person to indicate how attractive they found their partner and whether they'd like to see their partner again.

I want you to be aware of these body language cues but don’t seek them out. But with a bit of experience, you’ll be picking up on them with ease.

The last thing you want to do is give her a genuine compliment and then stare at her intensely to see how she reacts. Proximity and Positioning We gravitate towards people we feel comfortable with and are attracted to.

Research suggests that we're more attracted to people in expansive — as opposed to contracted — postures, even if we don't consciously realize it.

A 2016 study tested this phenomenon in two settings: speed dating and online dating.

Body language is a reflex: Research shows that whatever we're feeling first shows up in our brain's limbic system, before showing up nanoseconds later in our conscious minds.

But since so many gestures have multiple meanings, even the most highly trained experts only have around a 60 percent success rate of figuring out what physical responses mean.

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These signals are big part of the body language of attraction.You’ll know when a girl is interested in you, as well as what signals to give off to create attraction with women.To learn all about the body language of attraction – what these mutual attraction signals are, how to spot them, and how to use them to attract women – read on.If you can read a woman’s non-verbal cues, you can escalate an interaction smoothly and seamlessly. Yet the majority won’t start flirting until you do. That’s why it’s best to assume that if she’s talking to you, she’s open to the idea of flirting with you.Flirting will help you gauge her reactions and determine whether or not she’s interested, sooner rather than later.Show your intentions (flirt) early on, see how she’s responding (body language cues), and then adjust (calibrate) based on that.Flirt - Calibrate This basic framework applies to all types of flirting — whether it’s through physical contact, compliments, or teases.Sure enough, people who took up a lot of space with their bodies were rated more attractive.What's more, people who displayed open body language were rated higher on dominance, suggesting that postural expansiveness is attractive because it conveys a sense of power.So what are your chances of reading body language on an average date, especially once you factor in low lighting, two drinks, and maybe some Botox?And remember your own body language: The time spent changing outfits or planning what you are going to say next would be much better spent making your date comfortable enough to establish a "baseline."To be a human lie detector, you have to establish a baseline or find out what is "normal" behavior for the person in question—so that you can tell when something is off.Getting to the baseline can take as little as three minutes.Ask your date an easy question like what he wanted to be when he grew up or his greatest passion."Body language isn't as much about the reality of what you're doing, it's about the perceived value of your actions," says Chris Ulrich, senior instructor at the Body Language Institute.Basically, it doesn't matter how into someone you are if you're giving off the wrong signals.

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