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The turn-based battle system does little that you’ve not seen in countless other games, the quality of the writing ebbs and flows from the weirdly charming to charmingly weird and back again, and there’s a familiar nature to the way you travel between towns, dungeons, and open environments crawling with enemies.

What sets this adventure apart from the majority of its peers, including those that have come since its initial Play Station 2 debut, is the skill with which everything is produced and sewn together.

And now the portable is getting a remake of one of the earlier Game Boy Advance entries.

X and Y are essentially Pokémon 6, whereas Ruby and Sapphire were Pokémon 3.

An RPG where players progressed not by fighting battles or banishing evil, but by tending gently to the land, caring for animals, and finding true love; there was nothing quite like it.But although a lower price alternative to their new hybrid console does make sense, we’re not sure many people believed them.After all, it’s exactly what they said about the Game Boy when they weren’t sure if the DS was going to be a hit or not.It seems odd, then, that Natsume's ten-year anniversary gift to the franchise was the beginning of the Rune Factory spin-offs, famously described as "Harvest Moon with swords".It sounds incongruous, but somehow it works - if Harvest Moon showed us that the spade was just as mighty as the sword, Rune Factory proves that they're even better together, and this latest instalment absolutely perfects the message.Most of those games will probably turn out to be quite good, but they feel exactly like the sort of off-cuts and lower profile releases you’d expect to see in the last days of an aging format.By the end of last year, and except for Pokémon Sun/Moon, most of the 3DS’s output consisted of nothing but Wii U ports and other low budget fare.It seems sensible to assume the graphics and underlying technology will be based on X and Y but so far no screenshots have been released, just the box shots you see here.‘The new titles promise to take players through a dramatic story within a spectacular new world’, is the only even vaguely descriptive comment from Nintendo at the moment.Rune Factory 4 combines Harvest Moon's joyfully fulfilling fusion of farmwork and flirting with the slice-of-life storytelling and andante tempo of the Atelier series, and adds in a generous helping of Zelda-style action-RPG combat on the side, making for one of the freshest feeling farming games in years.You'll first take control of your hero (or heroine, after answering a mildly patronizing question to determine your character's gender) aboard an airship, and following an untimely skirmish with unfriendly stowaways, plummet earthward towards the kindly kingdom of Norad.The first mainline game to be released on a format other than the original Game Boy or its variants, they went on to become the best-selling game on the Game Boy Advance when they released in 2002 (2003 by the time they made it to the West).There are virtually no details on the new versions, which will be the third time that Nintendo has remade one of the earlier games.Nintendo combines football, tennis, golf, baseball, and horse racing into one game, but is that really the bargain it sounds like?Before the release of the Switch, Nintendo were very keen to emphasise that it was not a replacement for the 3DS.

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He is the brother of former DWTS dancer, Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

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Billionaire real estate titan Andrew Farkas has divorced his stunning second wife, Sandi, and has taken up with a 22-year-old Harvard senior. Andrew Cuomo crony Farkas, who is 56, is cavorting around the Hamptons with a busty senior from his alma mater.

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