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"The way we view technology here is that it is integral to our business strategy; we don't think of them as separate things," said Amy Brady, chief information officer at Key Corp."While I do manage technology for the company, I do it in partnership with our business heads." Just a decade ago, she added, it was "unthinkable" that a CIO in corporate America, even outside a bank, would work so closely and report directly to the CEO.Capital One Financial has developed a "chatbot" named Eno, an automated program that can communicate with the bank's customers via text message to give them information on their accounts and help them make credit-card payments from their smartphone.Capital One's (cof) gender-neutral virtual assistant, which is being rolled out as a pilot to a segment of its customers, uses artificial intelligence to respond to natural language text messages from users about their money, the bank said on Friday.The predominance of female names among popular digital assistants has provoked criticism recently.Asked if it is a boy or a girl, Eno will reply that it is "binary." Being a banker, albeit a virtual one, its favorite color is green.

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Users can prompt Eno to show them their account balance by sending the "bag of money" emoji or can confirm a payment through the "thumbs up" emoji.It shows how science is impacting our lives and accelerating a change in the lifestyle of people.Such websites are designed on the AI algorithm where you can interact with the machine in your leisure time for fun . Breeze through them, you might just feel the urge of trying out one!I also get many elderly people who talk to her for companionship." Any advertiser who doesn't sit bolt upright after reading that doesn't understand the dark art of manipulation on which their craft depends.We are living in a century where technology dominates lifestyle; artificial intelligence (AI) is one such example.Mitsuku has conversed with millions of people worldwide via the web and other applications, and is a two-time Loebner Prize winner In a Wall Street Journal article titled “Advertising’s New Frontier: Talk to the Bot,” technology reporter Christopher Mims made the case for “chatvertising” in a piece about Mitsuku and Kik Messenger: If it seems improbable that so many teens—80% of Kik's users are under 22—would want to talk to a robot, consider what the creator of an award-winning, Web-accessible chat bot named Mitsuku told an interviewer in 2013."What keeps me going is when I get emails or comments in the chat-logs from people telling me how Mitsuku has helped them with a situation whether it was dating advice, being bullied at school, coping with illness or even advice about job interviews.Cindy can perform actions and poses, such as kiss, spin, dance, spin, jump, laugh, sneeze, fart, sleep, and kneel.Download her app on Google Play, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?A Dissenting Voice: Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank president Esther George is best known for her dissenting votes on monetary policy, but that's not the only way she stands out.Her background as a farmer and former bank examiner gives her a unique perspective among Fed officials."What I'm trying to build is a connection with the institution so that information can flow, so that in a time of crisis I don't have to invent those relationships."A Tech Budget in Every Budget: As more departments reach for a piece of the technology budget, banks need to improve coordination to ensure the money is spent efficiently.Spending used to happen in a controlled environment, now technology is baked into every budget at a bank.For example, customers might ask Eno to show them their recent account balances or pay off a credit-card bill.Ken Dodelin, Capital One's vice president of digital product development, said the bank deliberately chose a gender-neutral name.

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Step Up: 3D's Luke is an orphan whose parents left him with the famous dance loft/sanctuary he must fight to preserve, while Natalie rebels against unseen, distant upper-class parents.

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Narrowband power-line communications began soon after electrical power supply became widespread.

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professionally known as Maggie Q, is an American actress and model.